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Code Red News is national security reporting with a distrustful eye and sharp tongue.

We call it like we see it. That means we’ll provide the facts — the crucial 5 W’s — along with analysis and plenty of snark as the cherry on top.

Code Red News is not a stenographer for the Pentagon, nor is it a press release factory for defense contractors, unlike some news organizations we know (you know who you are).

We stand for sharp, fearless, and critical national security reporting, always first keeping in mind the effect that world events have on the junior soldier on the ground or in the air, not the four-star general sitting in the office.

Thanks for reading. We’re glad you’re here.

Here’s our welcome post, written by Editor-in-Chief Paul Szoldra, on Jan. 22, 2018:

I don’t remember exactly when it first came to me, but the thought of starting what I eventually named Code Red News happened about a year ago.

I was working as the editor for Business Insider’s military and defense section, having covered national security as a reporter for about five years. I had written stories about the mad scientists of DARPA, offered insider knowledge on the current Secretary of Defense, reported on gross misbehavior in the ranks, and many more.

While all of my past work has been enjoyable, I always felt that often there was something missing from it: What I really thought. How did I really feel about the F-35? What was I holding back about the Pentagon’s latest budget?

What was missing were the words that you and everyone else were probably already thinking. This weapons system is a total clusterfuck. The latest budget really screws personnel.

I was being a defense reporter like everyone else, telling you about the latest small detail from the war in Afghanistan, when what I really wanted was to be the reporter telling you about the latest from Afghanistan, while also mentioning it as our longest war in history that will never, ever be won. I might even go so far as to say the generals in charge of it are totally full of shit.

This may be regarded as bias, but I’m biased in favor of truth, the full context around events, and challenging the official narrative when it comes to one of the most important topics: national security. I’m biased in favor of calling out hypocrisy and lies with blunt language instead of shying away by using language such as “misspoke” or calling some subjects “controversial.”

Put simply, Code Red News is a new national security blog, run by yours truly, which isn’t afraid to call it like it is. If the Pentagon is lying about troop numbers — which it is — we’ll tell you. If President Donald Trump says or does something, we’ll report on it. And if that something is really stupid, we’re going to say so.

But don’t worry, the same goes for [insert your favorite politician’s name here], and everyone else.

This site will report on news in the defense world with brevity, humor, and above all, plenty of skepticism. I chose to make the site’s slogan “national security reporting with a distrustful eye and sharp tongue.” Hopefully, that’s what you are looking for in 2018.

Thanks for reading. I hope you’ll read us again, tomorrow.

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