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AMVETS posted what appears to be a hostage proof-of-life video in NFL ‘Please Stand’ ad follow-up


American Veterans (AMVETS), the teenage emo kid of veterans’ service organizations, just posted a 30-second public service announcement as a follow-up to its “Please Stand” NFL controversy, and it looks a lot like a hostage proof-of-life video.

On Wednesday, I received an email statement from John Hoellwarth, AMVETS national communications director, with the headline, “AMVETS follows up rejected #PleaseStand ad with PSA the NFL doesn’t want you to see.”

Hoellwarth, who is perhaps best known as a national communications director without actual contacts at a major news organization, said in the statement that the PSA was “elaborating on a print ad the NFL refused to run in its Super Bowl program because of the simple, two-word message — #PleaseStand.”

In AMVETS’ new 30-second spot, which doesn’t appear to be getting posted anywhere other than the web, various veterans say things like “please vote” and “please exercise your rights” before the organization’s national commander, Marion Polk, stares into the camera and says “please stand” in a way that seems like the people behind the camera are going to murder his pet dog if their demands are not met.

As Code Red News reported last month, the NFL asked AMVETS to say something slightly different like “Please Stand for our Veterans” given that the league probably wants this dumb anthem protest controversy to die. But unlike Veterans of Foreign Wars, which was approved with “We Stand for Veterans,” AMVETS refused to compromise since the message comprised the group’s values, said AMVETS National Director Joe Chenelly, “and we’re not changing our values.”

So here we are now, with AMVETS doubling down on a manufactured controversy that has earned the group plenty of media exposure, especially on Fox News, the media organization Hoellwarth was hoping would latch onto and run with it (it did).

If you’d like to watch the hostage, I mean public service announcement video, you can check it out here, along with the full statement from AMVETS.

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