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Author: Paul Szoldra

Paul Szoldra is the founder and editor-in-chief of Code Red News. After leaving the Marine Corps as a sergeant in 2010, Paul earned a B.S. from The University of Tampa in 2012. After college he joined Business Insider as a military and politics reporting intern, eventually rising to become its west coast editor. He also served as front page editor, correspondent, and military & defense editor. In 2014, he helped launch We Are The Mighty as the site's first executive editor. Paul is now the cohost of After Action with Max & Paul. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief of Duffel Blog, an online military satire publication that now boasts more than one million unique readers each month. Besides its beloved status within the military community, Duffel Blog has received high praise from Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, former Pentagon spokesman George Little, The Onion's founding editor Scott Dikkers, and many others. He lives in San Clemente, California.
Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin went on what basically amounted to a taxpayer-funded 10-day trip to Europe last summer with his wife as hundreds of thousands of veterans sat around waiting for decisions on their disability pensions. Although he seems far less Bond villain-like than Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, Shulkin jet-setted off to the U.K., […]
American Veterans (AMVETS), the teenage emo kid of veterans’ service organizations, just posted a 30-second public service announcement as a follow-up to its “Please Stand” NFL controversy, and it looks a lot like a hostage proof-of-life video. On Wednesday, I received an email statement from John Hoellwarth, AMVETS national communications director, with the headline, “AMVETS […]
The war in Afghanistan has gotten worse over the last year despite Pentagon claims of renewed coalition operations and improvements to Afghan defense forces. Just hours after it was revealed that the Pentagon suppressed data showing the number of districts under Afghan government control, the military abruptly reversed itself and released the statistics to the […]
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